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Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data

Grunsberg Jewellery is the company Grunsberg Diamonds, s.r.o. (further referred to as Grunsberg Diamonds) Identification Number: 06296432, DIČ: CZ06296432, with registered address in Kaprova 42/14 110 00 Praha 1. The company is listed in the commercial registry of the City Court in Prague, section C, layer 279707. The company proclaims that all personal data (further referred to as “data”) are considered as highly private and are handled in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in the area of protection of personal data.


The security of your personal data is our priority. Hence, we pay sufficient attention to personal data and its protection. Through these Principles on the Processing of Personal Data (further referred to as “Principles”) we would like to inform you about which personal data we gather and how we further use it.


Article I.


Personal data and its processing 

Categories of personal data


We gather different information based on which of our services you use.


     1. If you are buying from us, we gather:

  • Name and contact information. Name and last name, email address, postal address, phone number

     2. If you are subscribed to marketing letters, we gather:

  • Name and contact information - email address and first name.
  • Demographic information- country, information about sex.

     3.  We further process this personal data:

  • Information concerning communication between Grunsberg Diamonds and the Buyer

     4.  The purpose of processing of personal data:

  • To provide services and better them. We process your personal data so that we can provide the services offered and better them to your satisfaction. This concerns:
  • Processing of the ordered items or services, ordered using our website, mobile application or customer line. The legal reason is the necessity of fulfilling the contract of sale, and with selected items the fulfilling of legal obligations (for example proofs of purchase for accounting).
  • Marketing offers.

     5.  Newsletter to e-mail (commercial communications)

  • We send you commercial communications regarding similar products to the one you have purchased.
  • These commercial communications can always be rejected using the unsubscribe link which you can find in each email. For unsubscribing you can also contact our customer support service or the assignee with the responsibility for the protection of personal data.
  • In the case that you unsubscribe from the receiving of commercial communications we will not use your electronic contact information for this purpose any longer. We will begin to use them again if you register them or if you ask for us to do so.
  • Marketing offers, which are displayed to you, can be selected based on other information which we have gathered about you over time such as contact information, demographic information, favourite files and information about use of our products and website (cookies, IP Address, information provided by your browser, information about clickthroughs, displaying of commercial statements, visited products). We do not undertake fully automatic processing which would have legal effects for you.
  • If you are not our customer, we only process based on your agreement. 

     6.  We process cookies from website operated by the company Grunsberg Diamonds

  • In the case that you have allowed cookies in your browser, we process records of behaviour of cookies placed on website maintained by the company Plodyslunce, for the purpose of securing a better internet site and for the purpose of internet advertisements of the company. More information can be found in the independent chapter of this document.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Your personal data will be transferred to third persons or otherwise handled only if it is necessary for fulfilling a purchase contract

  • To companies providing credit cards, providing payment services and for the purpose of processing payments and banks on the basis of your order, fulfilling a contract of purchase
  • Transporters for the purpose of delivering your ordered product or service and dealing with complaints, including withdrawing from a contract
  • Other providers of services, third parties, involved in the processing of data
  • Third parties, for example legal (překlep v českém textu) representatives, courts for the purpose of recovery or closing a contract with you;
  • Public organs (such as the police)

If third parties process data in terms of their justified interest, the operator does not caries responsibilities for this processing. This processing is governed by the principles of processing of personal data of relevant companies and persons. 


Article II.

Safeguarding of personal data and retention period

  1. Safeguarding of your personal data
  • Your personal data is transferred to us in a coded form. We use the code system SSL (secure socket layer). We safeguard our websites and other systems using technical and organisational measures against loss or destruction of your data, against the access of unauthorised persons to your data and their change or spreading thereof. 
  • With our processors we require proof of compliance of their systems with GDPR orders.
  • Access to your customer account is only possible after inputing your private password. In this regard, we would like bring your attention to the fact that it is necessary that you do not share your login details with third parties and that after finishing your activity in the customer account you always close the window of your web browser, especially if you are sharing the computer with another user.


Article III.

Processing period

  1. Personal data is processed and stored for the period required for securing all rights and obligations stemming from the purchase contract, i.e.for the duration of the purchase and guarantee period
  • Agreement with marketing offers is valid for the period of 4 years or until recalling
  • Reviews 6 years
  • In other cases the period for processing is derived from the purpose of processing or it is set by the legal requirements in the area of protection of personal data.

Article IV.

Rights of the data subject

  1. If we process your personal data you can at any time ask for free information about the processing of your personal data.
  2. In the case that you believe that the processing of personal data is made in a way that is not in line with the protection of your personal data or with the legal requirements of protection of personal data, you can ask for an explanation, require that we eliminate an established situation, or especially require correction, amendment, deletion of personal data or the blocking of personal data.
  3. For exercise of your rights contact the data protection officer at the email address You can also contact the Office for the Protection of personal data.
  4. Your agreement with the processing of personal information can be recalled at any time. If you recall your agreement with the processing of personal data, your personal data will be deleted or anonymised; this is not however the case for personal data which Grunsberg Diamonds needs for fulfilling legal responsibilities (such as completing a different order) or for the protection of its legitimate interests. The deletion of personal data will also take place when retention of personal data will not be required for its stipulated purpose or if the storing of your information will not be allowed based on other legal reasons. 


Article V.



Cookies files

Our website use so called cookies so that our offer can be relevant, interesting and have a comfortable user experience. Cookies are small text files which are stored in your computer, smart phone or other device and which are used in your browser. More information about cookies files can be found here. Cookies files are used by us for example for:

  • correct functioning of the cart so that you can finish your order in the easiest manner possible
  • for remembering your login information so that you do not have to repeatedly input it
  • the best adaption of our website to your requirements thanks to the monitoring of visits, your activity on the website and the use of functions
  • information about examination of advertisements, so that we do not show you an advertisement for a goods that you do not have interest in

Certain cookies files can gather information which are later used by third parties and which for example support our commercial activities (also known as “third party cookies”). For example, information about purchased products to our sites can be displayed to advertising agencies in terms of displaying and adjusting internet advisement banners to your displayed websites. It is not possible to identify you based on this data.


Using cookies files

Cookies files used on our site can be divided into two main types. Short term, also known as “session cookies” are deleted immediately after you finish visiting our website. Long term, also known as “persistent cookies” stay saved in your device much longer until you manually delete them (the time of remaining of the cookies folder in your device depends on the setting of the cookies and the setting of your browser).


Cookies can be divided based on the functionality:

  1. Analytic, which help to increase the user comfort of our web by helping us understand how users use them
  2. Conversional, which help us analyse the performance of different selling channels
  3. Tracking, which in combination with conversional help analyse performance of different selling channels
  4. Remarketing, which we use for the personalisation of the content of commercial and the their right targeting
  5. Essential, which are important for the essential functioning of the web
  6. Rejection of cookies files 


The setting for cookies files are part of your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. In your browser, you can prohibit cookies or limit only certain types of cookies.


Information about browsers and types of settings for cookies filers can be found at the following web sites or in the further documentation of internet browsers 

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Android
  • Iphone and Ipad


An effective tool for the administration of cookies is also available at the website



Our web sites contain links to other websites, which are practical and contain information. We bring your attention to the fact that these websites may be owned and run by other companies and organisations and have different principles of securing and protection of private data. Our company does not have any control and does not carry any liability for whatever information, material, product or service contained or accessible using these websites.



Article VI:

Contact us

In case you have any questions, comments or requests regarding these Principles, don’t hesitate to contact us at the address or customer support line listed in the footnote of these Principles.


Data Protection Officer: Miroslav Grunsberg


Article VII:




These Principles concerning protection of personal data enter into force from 25.5.2018.

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